Today we had to do reviews of our professor, Dr.Cross. When asked what would make his theology class better, someone wrote “Making Christina Edwards your T.A.”


(no, it wasn’t i’m not in that class but if i was i would’ve written it take that job girl go get your man wait no that’s not what i meant go get your job that’s it)

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Hey, guys! I bought my plane ticket today but I only need $700 more to cover my BASIC costs for this trip! Please consider giving ANYTHING you can to help me go spread the gospel in Ecuador. Every single penny helps. 

If you absolutely cannot give monetarily, PLEASE share reblog this post to spread the word!

Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained.

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Peach & Rosemary Blossom Lemonade » Adventures in Cooking


Peach & Rosemary Blossom Lemonade » Adventures in Cooking

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New kids on the block, Molly and Homey.

My family adopted two basset hounds last week!

Life is more fun with you :)

Life is more fun with you :)


may you pick up your tea when it’s exactly the right temperature, and may you happen to glance out the window when the light is just how you like it.

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R.I.P. The 2976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi and 35000 Pakistani people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit

And how many Americans died in combat pls?

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